February 22
May 2


The Faces of Change: Women at Union College

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“The Face of Change: Women at Union College” focuses on pioneers who played vital roles in the integration of women at the College. Urania Sheldon Nott, the third wife of Union president Eliphalet Nott, helped expand the view of women in education when she founded a private school “for young ladies” that started in Troy and moved to Schenectady. Florence Folger Buckland was the first woman to earn a Master’s Degree (in electrical engineering) at Union College in 1925. And Sally Brown Van Schaick proved that women could be wives, mothers and students, as she was the first woman to earn a B.A. degree only by taking night classes in 1958.

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This exhibit can be found in the Beuth Atrium, which is on the 1st floor of Schaffer Library, just behind the reference desk and before the glass doors into the Lally Reading Room.