January 25
March 24th


Tales from the Picture File

Union College and Schenectady have played host to countless stories over the campus’s centuries-long history. Since the invention of photography, members of the campus community have documented this history and their stories visually. Many such photographs are housed in the Picture File (SCA-1206), a collection of thousands of images preserved in the Special Collections and Archives department.

In Tales from the Picture File, SCA staff and students mined the collection for exceptional images documenting Union’s student experience, campus scenes, and surrounding neighborhoods. As you browse the exhibit, consider the subjects of these images over time and what it means to be visually represented in Union College’s history. Who is pictured, and who is not pictured? What stories do these inclusions and exclusions from the Picture File tell about Union College over time and who was considered fit to be pictured? We hope these images will enrich your understanding of the grounds you walk each day as you look back on days of Union’s past.

To learn more or to explore the Picture File for yourself, please contact Special Collections and Archives at specialcollections@union.edu or visit our website at union.edu/special-collections.

Tales From the Picture File - Panel 1

Tales from the Picture File - Panel 2

Tales from the Picture File - Panel 3


This exhibit can be found in the Beuth Atrium, which is on the 1st floor of Schaffer Library, just beyond the Learning Commons and before the glass doors into the Lally Reading Room.