Tour Information

Schaffer Library offered several walking tours in conjunction with the release of the Mrs. Perkins' Union College website and in celebration of the library’s 50th anniversary in the fall of 2011. All provided a glimpse of life at Union between 1895 and 1904 from ten selected vantage points on campus and were based upon information in Wayne Somers’ Encyclopedia of Union College History, as well as information excerpted from this website. 


Self Guided Tour 

A ten-page self-guided tour and map of the vantage points can be printed out here and may be read or followed at any time.

QR Codes

A self-guided tour may also be taken with the aid of a mobile device using QR codes or links connected directly to your device.  A map of all ten vantage points is included with each link, but the normal starting place is at Old Chapel.  You may print the QR code handouts to take with you and use your mobile device either to scan the QR code (with the use of a barcode reader app) or to use the link associated with each vantage point.  Descriptive text and images will then be displayed on your device.

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