Selected Biographies

As a longtime resident of Union College, Mrs. Perkins knew nearly everyone on campus.  Click on the portraits to learn more about some of the individuals and families mentioned prominently in her letters.

William Wells“Uncle Billy” James H. Stoller“Anything but dull” Moses Viney70 years with Union Sidney G. Ashmore“Passionate in nature” Rose Perkins HaleDaughter of Anne Edward E. Hale Jr.“Jack” Roger G. PerkinsSon of Anne Andrew V. RaymondUnion College President Henry Whitehorne“Old Whitey” Samuel T. Benedict“Enjoyed reminiscing” Maurice Perkins“Perk” James R. Truax“A rivaling professor” Anne D. Potts Perkins“The Duchess” Alice J.G. PerkinsA private tutor of Latin Frank Bailey“Unparalled contributions” Charles B. Pond“Controversial personality”




























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