September 6
November 30


John James Audubon's Magnificent Obsession

This exhibition features high quality facsimile prints from Abbeville Press and Oppenheimer Inc. of John James Audubon’s Birds of America, as well as prints from the original Havell edition owned by Union College.

A collaboration between the Schaffer Library and Mandeville Gallery

I am persuaded that alone in the woods, or at my work, I can make better use of the whole of myself than in any other situation, and that thereby I have lost nothing in exchanging the pleasure of studying men for that of admiring the feathered race.

                  - John James Audubon

“John James Audubon’s lasting significance in art, history, and science is not simply due to his artistic mastery, tenacity, and the overwhelming ambition of his undertaking to portray, as realistically as possible, all the birds of the American wilds. In large part, it is due to his ability to convey the life beneath the feathers; to transmit the spirit of these beautiful creatures, tenuous and fleeting, and ignite in us, the spark that fueled him all those years: his joy in discovering the intimate life of birds.”        
        - Sarah Mottalini (Curatorial Assistant of Art Collections & Exhibitions, UCPC & Mandeville Gallery

Selected images from this exhibition: 


When you visit the exhibit in the Lally Reading room. 

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