Guide to Exhibitions

Schaffer Library hosts numerous exhibits throughout the library and online each year. While our subjects are far ranging and based on the richness of the collections as well as the curators, many exhibits center on history, literature, the Union College experience, and nature. This guide is not an exhaustive list of our contents but a set of suggestions to begin your exploration. We encourage you to browse all of our exhibit pages to fully experience the breadth of resources and subjects within them. 

Adirondack Mountains

Exhibits that center on the Adirondact Mountains include:


Exhibits featuring art and artworks include: 

Audbon, John James

Union College's first president, Eliphalet Nott,  purchased a complete set of the four-volume, double-elephant-folio, The Birds of America, from John James Audubon in the summer of 1844. Exhibits about those materials have been featured in: 

Bigelow, John and Bigelow Family

The Bigelow papers is one of the largest collections at Schaffer Library and has provided many opportunities for exhibitions and displays. These include: 

Engineering and Science

Union's emphasis on liberal arts and engineering education has inspired multiple exhibits: 


While many exhibits center on Union College history, many provide information beyond Union's walls including: 


Exhibits that feature literature include: 

Union College History & Experiences

Union College was founded in 1795 and has a rich and storied past. Exhibits about Union College history include: 

Union Experience exhibits include:

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