Nott Memorial Construction

Image from the Picture file (SCA-1026), Courtesy of Special Collections, Schaffer Library, Union College.

Construction of the Nott Memorial

Brick By Brick

175 Years of Engineering at Union College, 1845-2020

At various times throughout Union College’s history, engineering has helped to reinvigorate the school, provide an impetus for growth and increase enrollment. The history of engineering has been a microcosm of the development and change of Union throughout the centuries. The College’s location near the Erie Canal, railways, and later the headquarters of General Electric, also uniquely placed it to become a leader in engineering education. 

Union’s longstanding engineering programs have the technical depth of most university programs and an unsurpassed international focus along with a historical liberal arts context. We hope you to see for yourself how the programs have complemented the story of Union and continue to contribute to its future.

Schaffer Library, Special Collections and Archives keeps the memories of Union College alive and engineering is no exception. This story comes from the many collections and personal papers held therein.

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Matthew Golebiewski
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