Databases for peer-reviewed articles, journals, and videos

Schaffer Library has many environmental sciences databaes that can provide scientific, historical, and social analyses of our changing environment. To view a list of all of our databases in environmental sciences and engineering, visit our Databases A-Z guide. Recommended databases include:

Primary sources

Many newspapers during John James Audubon's career wrote about his illustrations as well as the changing environmental landscape. Schaffer Library has a wide variety of primary sources databases, available in our A-Z list.

Schaffer Library has Audubon's complete "elephant" portfolio, The birds of America : from original drawings, available in Special Collections.


Databases such as Environmental Issues Online above provide a variety of documentaries on climate change. One particular video of interest is the history of the passenger pigeon:

Greenberg, J. A., & Mrazek, D. (Producers), & Mrazek, D. (Director). (2014). From billions to none: The passenger pigeon's flight to extinction. [Video/DVD] San Francisco, CA: The Video Project. Retrieved from 

Audubon Society Resources

Audubon Society Bird Guide - named after John James Audubon, this society focuses on the conservation and protection of birds. Their bird guide and phone app help users identify and learn more about various species.

John James Audubon's Birds of America - contains 435 life-size watercolors of North American birds (Havell edition)

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