June 5
May 31


Artists' Books: Where to put the Apostrophe?

Curated by Sarah Mottalini, Curatorial Assistant, Art Collections and Exhibitions

A fairly recent addition to the hierarchy of the art world, the medium of artists’ books has been surrounded by controversy since its induction in the 1970s: defying definition, classification and the gallery. This exhibition features artists’ books from the Union College Permanent Collection, Special Collections, and private collections, including works by Joseph Kosuth, Dieter Roth, Edward Ruscha, and Lawrence Weiner.

This display of artists' books is part of a larger, three-part exhibition, Mot Juste, a celebration of text and language in contemporary visual arts on view during winter term 2015. Additional exhibitions include Textual, on display in the Mandeville Gallery, and Distracted Wreading, a multimedia event and discussion on Thursday, February 17th, in the newly renovated Karp Hall. Learn more information about this exhibit on the Mandeville website

The full essay can be found in the Mot Juste catalogue, copies of which are available in Lally and at the Mandeville Gallery. You may also view the digital copy at the link below.

Selected Gallery Photos: 

Artists' Books Photo 10

Artists' Books Photo 09

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